birth of revive

Revive Events is a camp under the non-profit The Bridge-a Joseph Company. We grew out of an event called Camp Alpha which has a rich heritage spanning over 60 years on the Gulf Coast, the past 30 of which have been at Blue Lake near Andalusia, AL.  It was established and held together by five ministers who would bring their youth year after year.  All have passed on now and the camp continues to be led by those who have grown-up in and have given back to the ministry.

The investment of many for decades has rendered untold fruit in thousands of lives.  This is visible in the sheer number of full time ministers who’ve come out of the camp as well as youth who can trace the beginning of their faith back to their time spent there.  The Board of Directors are each living proof of what a camp experience can offer a young person and how it can alter the course of lives for those who attend.

For years Camp Alpha has had to turn groups away because of space limitations.  This initially led us to start thinking of how to expand.  In the meantime we’ve been involved and have witnessed movements centered around young people throughout the world.  We’ve also helped start international festivals and conferences, and have taken teams to the mission field.  All of this gave us a desire to see more done in our own neck of the woods … to raise up and send out leaders for the church of tomorrow.  Voila, Revive was born!

our team:  revive board of directors

Cameron Winton

Cameron is the Director of Discipleship Ministries at Woodlawn UMC in Panama City Beach, FL. She came to Woodlawn after graduating from Asbury College with a degree in Christian Ministry/Missions to work in youth ministry in 2003. Her journey in youth ministry led her to work in counseling and recovery ministry for the last five years, establishing a 12-step program through the local church. Since 2014 she has been developing ministries for new believers and for those seeking a deeper walk with Christ at Woodlawn UMC.  Cameron is a beach girl through and through but LOVES the Tennessee Big Orange!!

Carol Robbins

Coming up through the ranks of Camp Alpha, Carol makes us all wish we had paid more attention in school. An Auburn University and Vanderbilt University grad, she is a passionate scientist with a huge heart for “the God who made it all” and His people (especially this generation’s youth!). Dr. Robbins now teaches for the Masters in Biotechnology Program at UAB in Birmingham, AL. Carol keeps us relevant and in-the-know, oh... and laughing too. In June 2011, Carol married Matt Robbins...a man that's all man and all loving. He is now part of the Revive family, as well.


David Boyd

Husband, Father, and retired State Investigator, David provides a crucial stabilizing factor to the team.  Bringing his family for years to Camp Alpha, we liked him so much we asked him to stick around.  David lives in Pace, FL with his wife Dolores and is a vital part of the youth ministry of exciting Woodbine UMC.  He co-leads teams to Ecuador, loves traveling, and shares our passion for missions.  You will often find the Boyd household full of kids that he and Dolores pour into selflessly.  The fruit of their time with youth is apparent through the many young adults that have not only gone into ministry but have also become staff at Revive!  David has two sons, Matt who graduated from the University of Florida and is now an engineer and  Travis who is currently attending FSU.  They both have been and continue to be part of our staff.

Paul and Carrie Olson

Paul Olson exudes an unmistakably genuine and bold passion for the Lord, longing to see young people respond to God's grace and serve Him as they love others.  A dynamic communicator, speaking truth with pure conviction and humor; he has been a key leader at Revive from the beginning—serving also on the Revive Board.  As both a teacher and musician, he is involved with worship leading, church leadership training, youth events, and seminars around the world including: YFC South Africa, Mobile Youth Missions, FCA, First Priority, and Revive Camps.  He has been in youth ministry for the past 20 years.  Paul is currently the Youth Pastor at Belmont Church in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives with his wife Carrie and son Nate.


Ronnie Calvert

Ronnie is also alum of Camp Alpha.  His hometown is Grand Bay, AL (slow down or you’ll miss it!) but for the last 20 years Ronnie has served churches in Alabama and West Florida as a youth minister, as well as leading youth camps, events, and missions teams to Ecuador and Costa Rica.  Ronnie is passionate about seeing youth give their lives to Christ and has an extraordinary ability to spot other’s gifts and talents while building leaders and teams.  Ronnie and Nanny have been married for three years and  they have a beautiful little girl named Sofy.  They live in Quito, Ecuador as missionaries working with local pastors and also working with a local group of shoeshine boys.  Oh yeah, he’s an avid Bama fan and fisherman too!


Trey Hill

Trey grew up in the Atlanta, GA area and now lives in Birmingham, AL, leading worship at Trinity UMC in Homewood. He graduated from the University of Mobile with a degree in Church Music and a minor in Worship Leadership. Trey has a desire to see young people come to the Lord and live their lives reflecting the beauty of God's redemption. He loves pouring into the local church and meeting people where they are, wherever that might be. He has been married for almost four years to the beautiful Betsy Hill, who is also a part of the Revive family. Trey has led worship at Revive since 2009 as the leader of the treyhillband. Their latest cd, You Have My Heart, was released in April of 2014 and is fantastic. You can get a copy here or on iTunes. Trey enjoys songwriting, dead authors, and live musicians. Trey wrote all of this himself in the third person, and it was very painful for him to do so.


Tom and Patty Lane

Tom began attending Camp Alpha at age 11 and was so drawn into faith and music by those leading that he followed suit and has had a long career in ministry, music, and missions around the world.  He met his wife Patty at Camp Alpha at the age of 13, only to marry her almost 20 years later!  She too has been very involved behind the scenes with the current worship movement.  She started her 18 year career in the Christian music world as a freelance event manager with EMI Christian Music Publishing /Worship Together, where she eventually became the Director of Worship Resources.  She currently is with Provident Music Group serving as Director of Essential Worship.  Patty graduated from the University of Florida with a business degree in marketing and is proud to be part of the Gator Nation.