about Revive

Through our camps and community our passion is to inspire young people to build a life and future around the mission of Christ. We want to help them discover who God created them to be and encourage them to live out their God-given dreams and desires.


Mark Your Calendars

Gulf Coast: Winter - January 18 - 20, '19

Nashville: Winter - February 8 - 10, '19

Gulf Coast: Summer - June 17 - 22, '19

Nashville: Summer - July 8 - 13, '19


Who comes to Revive?

Youth Groups and Individuals: Grades 6 - 12

Youth Leaders/Volunteers welcome but not required to come. 

Staff/Camp Counselors and Leadership are provided during the full camp.

What to expect at Revive!

During our time together we will have:

  • Teaching

  • Worship

  • Sports

  • Team Competitions

  • Swimming (Summer)

  • Electives

  • Bring Your Band Stage and Cafe

Where is Revive?

    Winter Camps                 Summer Camps


Shalimar has over 100 yards of a pristine white Gulf Coast private beach and 17 acres of room to play, meet and share. It is located at Panama City Beach, FL.

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The Nashville Winter camp is held at Camp Widjiwagan, which is located on 320 acres just outside Nashville, TN. One of the most beautiful facilities in the area. 

This Gulf Coast Summer camp is located just one hour from the Emerald Coast beaches of North Florida, at the beautiful 300-acre Blue Lake Camp.


Beersheba Springs Assembly stands on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau and overlooks the scenic Collins River Valley. Located 94 miles from Nashville.